Breakfast at Tiffanys... in front of Riccione's beach!

If breakfast is the business card of a hotel... you will fall in love with Hotel Tiffany's!

Imagine you are still asleep in your rooms and our staff begins to prepare breakfast: we bake our sweets, our trusted suppliers deliver fresh products and the breakfast manager prepares what will truly be a complete buffet!

Breakfast at Tiffany's is special because, often accommodating travelers from all parts of Europe, we have overcome the traditional sweet “Italian breakfast”, enriching our buffet with savoury specialties, various kinds of sliced hams, pizzas, pies, eggs, bacon, cheeses, different kinds of bread, vegetables and fresh fruit.

We also feature a complete range of products for those who choose organic food. During breakfast time the Hotel offers you Room Service which gives the possibility to relish your breakfast directly in the room at time specified by you.


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